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Advanced Solutions for Advanced Beekeepers 

  • Custom Nutritional Additives to balance inputs

  • Disease and Pathogen Suppression

  • Mating Formulation

  • Fungicide Suppression and scrubbers

  • Nosema A & C Suppression

  • Queen Building Serum 

  • Field Analysis (tech Team)

  • Testing chemical, virus, fungus, comb, and bees.


Synthesis of Agronomy, Plant Science, Water, and Nutrition, Bee Biology and Colony Management. 


Bringing what is lacking in the soil and forage directly to the bees, providing the necessary nutrients for health, disease suppression, and toxin remediation.

 Our nutrition and non-synthetic treatments are designed to work in stages of repairing disease and damage, rebuilding populations, maintaining a higher level of health, and enhancing the conditions for more robust colonies.

These products work within existing standard management and in any location, which means usually no extra labor costs.


You can't fix the problem unless you understand bees are made of soils, plants, water, and know what your challenges are in your bees' environment. The problem started with synthetic chemicals on our farms and in our hives. Look beyond that level of science to get ahead.

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