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 healthy brood

Brood Disease Formula

Directions for use

Drench on tops of brood nest frames

1 teaspoon per 1 cup 1 to1 sugar syrup

Repeat every four days for 4x


Spotty brood, uncapped cells, twisted larvae,

listlessness, dysentery spotting. Early recognition is important.

Suppression of brood disease including the following;

EFB, Nosema, Bald Brood, Snot Brood, Sac Brood, Chalkbrood

As a health booster or to increase brood

apply during times of stress such as no forage, early spring, and fall, prior to making winter bees.

Severe outbreak  Rapid Repair

Drench frames and add drench mix to pollen substitute. Rapid repair utilizes drench, pollen cake, and reinforcing in sugar syrup feed, (In 1 gal of sugar syrup add 4 teaspoons formula)


Human Grade plant-based minerals, lipids, adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes. 


One year refrigerated

Made by a beekeeper for his bees, Now available for all. The result of 5 years of development and testing. 

4 0z plastic bottle 26 treatments 26.95 free shipping lower 48 states

August 9th 2020 

more pictures to come shortly, of before and after treatments. We have some doozies this year, pretty amazing turn around in the hives. 

An example of bald brood in upper left in drone brood on an 18 inch frame towards

outside of nest.

Uncapped bullets and raised edges. Is this a bad queen laying drones or an infection of the queen. This actually is from malnutrition and the queen was missing a few ingredients from her diet that showed up as being a drone laying queen. Additional speculation is the drones infected the queens at time of mating and this is being passed along in-vitro.

The cells on the far right top area. Punctured but not yet uncapped another sign.

You can overthink this, applying allopathic reasoning. Results have shown that using the formula clears this up regardless of causation. Still it is fun to guess and ponder if you're a bee-zerker.

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